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K-28 Fiberglass Sloop

Modified 15 Square Meter Sailboat
Skerry Cruiser

- Complete Design Update Done September 2010 -

How to Build the K-28

K-28 Sail Plan LOA 8.50 m 27'-11"
LWL 6.20 m 20'-4"
Beam 1.83 m 6'-0"
Draft 1.15 m 3'-9"
Displacement 1,238 kg 2,730 lb
Sail Area 16.05 m^2 173 ft^2
Ballast 432 kg 952 lb
D/L 145 145
SA/D 14.2 14.2
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Designer's Comments:

The K-28 is a modified 15 square meter Skerry Cruiser, which is the smallest of the Square Meter classes. Because this design has its rudder separate from the keel, it can not be classed under the Square Meter Rule. The hull form and sail plan dimensions are within the parameters of the rule, so the boat will have the general sailing characteristics of a true 15 square meter. K-28 Midship Section

In addition to the independent rudder, the K-28 differs from the Square Meter Rule requirements for 15 square meters with a self-bailing cockpit, slightly lighter mast, and lighter construction scantlings.

Hull construction for the K-28 is single skin fiberglass with transverse frames and bulkhead stiffening.

K-28 Bow View K-28 Stern View

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